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We have solutions for you

* As a company manager looking for an eye-catching and stylish logo for your office factories or shops.

* As an Architect thinking about a contemporary building cladding, sun-protection or a special interior signage.

* As an advertising manager looking for bright ideas to promote a brand name or product, maybe through a series of P.O.P. sign in the point of purchase.

* Are you a neon-shop looking for modern technology to make your neon more reliable and to produce it more economically?

* Are you looking for a full color LED screen for outdoor advertising and events? Look no further, we can help you, we sell and lease (also repair) LED screen displays of all sizes and the most complex configurations.

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Under one roof

In the production we combine craftsmanship with up to date CNC-technology, such as 3D-routing, laser-cutting and automatic neon processing, all of them in-house. This enables us to deliver on time, and to be in control of quality throughout the whole process. Our engineering is well known for tackling difficult installations, e.g. large rooftop signs without piercing the roof itself, or tall pylon signs.

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We are a certified contractor

Owning a fleet of service vans, cranes and hydraulic platforms for everyday jobs up to 25 meter high. Our installation teams are trained according to the latest Cenelec Standard (EN 50107) to ensure that your installation will be a safe and a lasting one for many years. To guarantee trouble-free operation for those many years we provide custom-tailored service-contracts. And above all, we guarantee the total commitment of the whole staff at ELBO.

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We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified

We have been awarded the new ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, demonstrates our ability to consistently to provide quality products that meet the requirements of our customers and the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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