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Ultra Thin Light Box


* Super slim
* Even and high light output
* Energy Saving
* Easy to use
* Aluminium frame
* for indoor or outdoor use
* Wall mount or Ceiling mount
* Single side or Double sides
* Thickness: 28 to 43mm
* Size: A0 (1220×920mm)
  A1 (950×680mm)
  A2 (700×500mm)
  A3 (540×350mm)
  size up to 1617x3117mm
* Custom sizes available on request
Applicable environments:
- Retail Shop, Shopping Mall, Chain Store
- Bank, Hotel, Restaurant, Waiting Room
- Bus Stop, Railway Station, Airport
- Exhibition, lift, Fuel Station
- Cinema, Public area, office, etc.
A0 (1220×920mm)

A3 (540×350mm)
Flip open frame for easy handling
Custom made Light boxes
variable sizes available up to 3 meters wide

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