For repeating fast and quality production
Auto and manual mode
Manual Control
Touch screen control
Clear abd fast reading of guages
A Complete 2-in-1 system
Amazingly compact: footprint of 700x800mm only
Multi-function light tower display
Setup with twin tables in line running in 'Auto Mode'
Large rare gas stock with ultrafast swap

- 3 cylinders of 200 liters

- Remaining gas volume shown on dial gauge
- Gas fill is selectable by switch - Slow bleed-in with low absolute pressure
- Cylinder can be swapped in < 2 min - Different sizes of cylinders possible (adapters)
**You may need only 1 cylinder in one year! **Purest gases and mixtures with certification
Easy to service
Front door with inspection window
Rear door with access to pumps and controls
Separator for compressed air
Inspection window for gases
Inspection glass for oil level
We also thought of those little details
A stable desk, immune to vibrations

Detailed Specification