Processing neon tubes correctly has always been a job of accuracy and patience. A bad day for the operator can result in a very bad day for his boss, or his customers, even long after the tubes are sold. With the AP-2 we provide a tool to assist in keeping consistent quality during the whole process. In Auto Mode the AP-2 takes over the dull monotonous part of the job and makes sure that the process is carried out, step by step, based on the same logic without compromise. And whenever the operator wants to take over control he can do so, just by pressing a simple button.

One operator can handle the two sides of the AP-2, the double output of before. With the AP-2 a production line can continue almost unlimited with different operators, with no risk for quality of the products.

An investment worthwhile!


* New and economical model.
* Fully electronic operational.
* Auto or semi-auto or manual operated
* All-in-one system
New model launch!!
OVEN Pumping System

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