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ELBO SIGNS has been providing total service for over 65 years with the design and manufacture of illuminated signs and other signs in its own workshops. Of course we also offer a smooth after-sales service. After all, your advertising is meant to be seen.

Luc Steegmans
CEO & Founder
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A certified contractor

We are a registered Belgian contractor with a fleet of service vehicles, cranes and aerial work platforms. Our installation teams are trained in the recent European Cenelec standard (EN50107) to ensure that your installation is safe and durable for years. Our people are VCA trained.

  • Tailored maintenance contracts
  • We guarantee the full commitment of the entire team at ELBO.
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+65 years’ experience

This was traditional in 1952, with modern machines at the time, so that quality, cost price and delivery times are well under control. The result is satisfied customers who are served quickly at competitive prices.

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For quotation: call us without obligation on +32 11 272233 and our team will help you the next working day. If you send us an e-mail with a photo of your property, you will receive a free quote by e-mail. If desired, we come on site to advise and are happy to make an offer.

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    We have several solutions, including ballast mounting without piercing the roof. Our engineers can see on site which solution is most suitable for you. You will then receive a quote for the required construction.

    Depending on the environment, we deal with standards that determine the maximum brightness. For example, illuminated advertising in an urban environment is generally brighter than in a rural environment. Our LED screens have a built-in brightness control that automatically adjusts to the ambient light.
    In addition, it is best to switch off illuminated advertising at night.

    Both counterweight techniques (for most pylons) and ground posts (for high pylons) depending on the location. Our engineers propose the most suitable technology.

    In collaboration with partners, a lease can be proposed for some installations, in combination with a maintenance contract.
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