About us

We now have a fleet of service vehicles, aerial platforms and cranes, so that no order is too high or too heavy. Thanks to this policy, we can deliver Belgian quality products at affordable prices and even maintain a lead compared to less qualitative imports from low-wage countries. With the advent of digital media, decisive steps towards the future were taken in this decade.

A bit of history

Elbo Signs


In 1952, Leopold Steegmans started his neon advertising company with his own glassworks, mostly for the benefit of local entrepreneurs and breweries who embraced the new medium.

In the 1960s, plexiglass entered the business and numerous light boxes were installed as a new form of light architecture. His son Luc Steegmans joined the company in 1973 and took over the management in 1985 after the death of his father. With a different company form and the professional knowledge of the past, the company evolved into a modern company where creativity, production and customer-oriented service go hand in hand thanks to an extensive collection of CNC machines, almost one of a kind.

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Our service and products

For whom

If you are an individual entrepreneur, retailer, manager of a retail park, facility manager of a company, buyer of a retail chain, designer of an advertising agency, architect or general contractor, you can always contact us for your project. We offer solutions and ensure smooth and pleasant cooperation.

An eye for detail is our top priority. Because of our reputation, international companies, corporate end-users and partners signmakers regularly use our services. This resulted in projects on 5 continents.

+ 65 years of experience and expertise under one roof

In 1952 this was an artisan, then with more and more modern machines, so that quality, cost price and delivery time are well controlled. The result is satisfied customers who are easily served at competitive prices.

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Cleaning and relamping of signs

A nicely maintained advertisement gives a good impression. Important organizations call on our trained teams to clean their advertisements every year with the right biodegradable products, so that their image always looks fresh. Maybe also a good idea for you? If there are still fluorescent lamps in it, this is the right time to convert it to LED. Energy consumption drops by 50% and helps you achieve environmental goals.