We have several solutions, including ballast mounting without piercing the roof. Our engineers can see on site which solution is most suitable for you. You will then receive a quote for the required construction.

Depending on the environment, we deal with standards that determine the maximum brightness. For example, illuminated advertising in an urban environment is generally brighter than in a rural environment. Our LED screens have a built-in brightness control that automatically adjusts to the ambient light.

In addition, it is best to switch off illuminated advertising at night.

Both counterweight techniques (for most pylons) and ground posts (for high pylons) depending on the location. Our engineers propose the most suitable technology.

In collaboration with partners, a lease can be proposed for some installations, in combination with a maintenance contract.

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That depends on the application. Channel letters are nowadays almost exclusively equipped with LED lighting and their consumption is about 40% less than the old neon.

Nowadays, a neon lighting for shapes and letters can be simulated with LED in silicone and the consumption thereof is 20% lower than original neon. For 3D versions such as works of art, only the real neon is possible. FYI, for a typical installation, LED lighting can consume 20 Euro less per year than a similar neon installation.

Foundations can be provided by the general contractor of the customer. In such cases, we usually supply the appropriate anchor basket that can be cast into the concrete. If required, we take care of the whole of excavation work, concrete pouring with anchor set and assembly. Clear agreements are then made about above or below ground pipes or obstacles, whether or not to remove the excavated soil and any above-ground finishing. This also applies to the power cable.

Periodic cleaning on the inside and outside is part of the service package that we offer. It is best to have this done annually, at least every two years. (How often do you have your car washed?). The best results are achieved if the intervals are shorter, postponing too long leaves traces.
Testing the lighting and possibly replacing lamps can be done during maintenance.

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